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Welcome to you every body !

My name is Ashraf Mohamed Anwr

I designed this website for friendship betwen people

No limits no barriers , all people , boys , girls , men , women.

All countries citizens ,  all religions , all ages , all genders , .....

I offer my hoppies of writing , scientific inventions , arts and drawing also making new friends

You can share us here to offer your hoppy and find new friends.

to register at guestbook and contact.

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Welcome !
All World Friends
If i did an effort To give any useful thing for people , Then Thanking For our GOD
All people are one family , different languages , countries , colors , and genders , but all come from only one father & mother , different religions , but One GOD ,
Hope all people cooperate to obey GOD.

The life looks like One Ship And all world people are riding it . If they cooperate between themselves then it will pass safely without any problems .
And if they can not live in peace , then they are all foolish .
All world animals were riding also One ship , But they could live in peace , so the ship passed and the life continue .
Thanks for Our GOD


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Happy new year 2010

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